Shot blasting

Shot blasting

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coatings

Before steel (or other metals are hot-dip galvanized) it needs to be cleaned of rust and other uneven/dirty particles to give it a smooth surface. One of the most effective ways to create this surface is to shot blast it. Shot blasting fires a high-pressure spray of abrasive steel materials onto a rough surface to create a smooth surface. With both an automatic loading and shot reclaim system, the process is an incredibly efficient and fast way to remove surface contaminants, without chemically altering a fabrication.

A range of heavy-duty shot blasting cabinets is based at our Medway plant. They are used by highly skilled shot blasting operators, to shot blast and strip all architectural and structural steel such as gates, fences, vehicle chassis, railings, sculptures, agricultural equipment, steel pipes, bridge components, etc.

The shot blasting cabinets are fully approved and meet all COSSH, health and safety, and environmental regulations.

Contact Heat Master International today for a free shot blasting quotation. We can also provide a galvanizing and powder coating quote too, if necessary.

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