Refrigeration Defrost Heaters

Refrigeration Defrost Heaters

The design and manufacture of electric defrosting heaters is a need for which HMI has been an industry leader since 1929. We are ready to meet your defrosting requirements for commercial refrigeration equipment, to promote drainage and prevent freezing.

Straight Length Defrost Heaters

Uses: Electric defrosting of coils and evaporator pans for commercial refrigeration equipment. Maybe clamped to pipes or tanks to promote drainage and prevent freezing.

Cartridge Type Defrost Heaters

Uses: Electric defrost heaters designed for insertion directly into holes provided in coil fins.

Special Applications

Contact our factory for element diameters, wattages, and sheath lengths not listed in the product details for Straight Length or Cartridge heaters. Also, contact the factory for heaters that are available with many value-added options:

  • Custom cold sections
  • Elements available in copper, incoloy or stainless steel
  • Factory installed wire terminations
  • Inline fusing
  • Grounding wire welded to element sheath
  • Single ended or double ended molded waterproof terminals
  • Bimetal automatic limit control and/or fusible link molded in a waterproof mold for sheath temperature sensing