High-Density Cartridge Heater

High-Density Cartridge Heater

The ruggedly constructed, high watt density Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters provide excellent heat transfer efficiency, high operating temperature, and long life.

The Hi-Temp Cartridge is made to withstand a sheath temperature of up to 1400 °F (760 °C), internally up to 1600 °F (871 °C). Its construction allows for minimal air gaps, providing superior heat transfer and resistance to impact and vibration. Dual voltage and three-phase are available on selected diameters of the Hi-Temp.

Options :
Sheath Material Stainless steel, INCOLOY
Watt DensityUp to 400 W/in2
Design temperaturesUp to 760°C (1400° F).
VoltageUp to 480V AC
LengthUp to 72 inches
LeadsStranded/ Swaged in/ Pin leads/ CrimpedonCustomised  
ControlsThermocouple/ RTD

Note- For custom design requirements please contact there factory.

  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable construction
  • Cartridges with unique qualities
  • Made with the most Advanced and latest technology
  • Less spent on the maintenance and service cost
  • Designed for High watt density
  • Swaging increases the high thermal conductivity and uniform heating
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Economical & Versatile
  • Use of high purity MgO insulation assures high dielectric strength fast heat transfer efficiency
  • Available with inbuilt Thermocouple
  • Die platen Heating
  • Die Casting Industry
  • Extrusion Line
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Packing Industry
  • Paper Industry – Embossing Roller
  • Textile Industry – Heating Of Cutting Knives
  • Rubber Molding Industry
  • Semi-Conductor Industry