Bell Hearth Furnace

Bell Hearth Furnace

Have you been looking for a bell furnace manufacturer or exporter?

At HMI, we are backed by our large infrastructure facility, which allows us to manufacture a quality range of Electrical Heated Bell Furnace designed and facilitated by our high quality and reliable engineers and another skilled and unskilled workforce. Products manufactured by us are highly efficient made with the best quality materials compiled to work suitably and smoothly with trouble-free operation.

Our firm specializes in providing a quality array of Rectangular and or cylindrical form, single or multi-stack gas, or electrically heated Bell Furnace.

HMI has earned great laurels with Rectangular Bell Furnace. These come with a well-tested design, easy servicing, and reliable performance which makes it a product with an optimal pay-off. We rightly believe in the happiness of our customers and deliver the products only after various rounds of quality checks performed by our highly efficient and skilled team members.

  1. Bell Annealing Furnace brings in excellent temperature uniformity, consistent quality and good production rates.
  2. Type of furnace is usually rectangular or cylindrical form, single or multi-stack gas or electrically heated.
  3. Continuous purging of ammonia is deployed throughout the annealing cycle to avoid decarburizing. 
  4. Overhead crane is used to load the base and move the equipment. Coils are tilted to the right position and placed on the annealing base.
  5. Forced atmosphere circulation is used with the help of radial fans for temperature up to 950°C to improve convection.
  6. Different bell lifting methods available, according to customer requirements and design.
  7. Low maintenance system by not having mechanisms or moving parts in the furnace.
  1. Annealing of steel strips
  2. Annealing of steel wires
  3. Normalizing steel castings
  4. Decarburizing of stamps.