Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Infrared lamps are basically heater lamps, working on the principle of infrared radiation heating. It is a direct and non-contact method for object heating where energy is transmitted by electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the absorption factor, the object can absorb up to 91% of the radiated energy, which gets transformed into heat. Normally, full efficiency is achieved within 1-3 seconds. With infrared heating systems, space requirements reduce drastically.

Infrared Halogen Lamps are “bright emitters” as; part of the energy that is emitted is in the form of light. These lamps convert 84% of the electrical energy into Infrared radiation.

We, at Heat Master International, can manufacture these lamps in a variety of wattages, lengths, reflector coatings, and connections, as per your requirement.

The most efficient and flexible heat source –

  • Instant on
  • Up to 91% energy conversion
  • Long life
  • Robust design
  • Dimmable
  • Compact construction
  • Ability to control
  • Ability to direct
  1. PET bottle Manufacturing
  2. Comfort Heating
  3. Catering
  4. Automotive and Engineering Industry: Paint & putty baking, Powder Coating, Preheating Parts prior to shrink Fitting or Welding, Drying Washed Parts.
  5. Ceramic and Glass Industry:   Baking, Sterilisation, Glaze Drying, TV tube Coat-Curing, Mirror Drying, Drying Washed Parts.
  6. Electrical Industry:   Drying of Motors and Armatures, Baking Varnish on Motor Windings, Drying paint, Baking Enamel.
  7. Electronics Industry:  Drying, Preheating, Curing and Solder Fusing of PC Board.
  8. Food Industry:   Dehydrating Fruits & Vegetables, Food Processing, and Moisture Removal prior to Pulverising.
  9. Foundries:   Drying of Moulds and Cores.
  10. Leather Industry:   Curing Sprayed Shoe Leather Hides, Baking Finish on Leather Products.
  11. Plastic Industry:   Preheating Plastics prior to Forming, Dehydrating Plastic Powders, and Curing Lamination & Adhesive Tapes.
  12. Pharmaceutical Industry:   Bottle Sterilizing, Glue Drying on Surgical Tapes.
  13. Printing and Engraving:   Drying Printing Ink, Setting Flux on Electrotype Castings, Silk Screen Drying and Curing.
  14. Pulp and Paper Industry:   Drying of Tapes, Cones and Cylinders, Drying Paper Coating.
  15. Rubber Industry:   Drying Rubber Laminations, Drying Paint on Hard Rubber Parts, and Curing Moulded Rubber.
  16. Textile Industry:   Drying Fabre, Fabrics, Silvers, and Non-Woven, Heat Setting Nylon I Polyester, Binder Curing on Non-Woven Fabrics.

Type of Coating: / 98 White ceramic coating
Type of Burning Position: H ±5° to horizontal, V Vertical or universal burning

Note: All lamps are available with any combination of end contacts, coating any burning position. Special lead wires are available on request. Custom requirements on request possible.