High Density Cartridge Heater

High Density Cartridge Heater

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The ruggedly constructed, high watt density Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters provide excellent heat transfer efficiency, high operating temperature and long life.
-The Hi-Temp Cartridge is made to withstand a sheath temperature of up to 1400 °F (760 °C), internally up to 1600 °F (871 °C). Its construction allows for minimal air gaps, providing superior heat transfer and resistance to impact and vibration. Dual voltage and three phase are available on selected diameters of the Hi-Temp.

Value Added Controls :

Controlled Heat Profile: custom distributed wattage heat profile
Over-temperature controls: internal thermostats, thermal fuses and temperature sensors
Internal thermocouple: type and location is design specified

More Options :

  • Low leakage current
  • Dual voltage
  • Dual wattage
  • Ground wires
  • Three phase power
  • Center less grinding
  • Special marks and labeling

application :

  • Industrial