About Us

HeatMaster designs and creates products and solutions for the heating and transformation of materials in industrial processes.

Heat Master International is a limited liability company, that provide innovative solutions and a client focused service. With dozens of large scale projects in our portfolio and a proven track record in providing an excellent and effective service, we are one of Bahrain’s most trusted heating companies.

Thanks to several years of experience in the design of heating cabinets for heating drums and containers, and industrial ovens for a number of applications,  Heat Master offers projects for advanced solutions, characterised by high engineering and technology that ensure easy use, high thermal efficiency and maximum functional safety.

Vision & Mission

VISION- GCC’s Leading Heating Element Manufacturer

Our vision is to be recognized as the top manufacturer and distributor of quality heating elements products in the GCC region and all over the world.

MISSION- Great Customer Satisfaction

To achieve our vision of leadership in heating element products, we aim to deliver only superior quality and workmanship in our products and turn them into industrial brands our consumers can trust for ultimate heating process satisfaction

Our Values

Openness, Fairness, Modesty, Trust and respect